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Waste Water Treatment

EEC Adds Value Through Wastewater Treatment, Helping You With Collection, Treatment, and Disposal.

Excellence through innovation — that’s the key to cost-effective industrial wastewater treatment and disposal engineering. EEC’s engineers have put it into practice while designing more than 50 wastewater pumping stations for commercial and industrial clients.

EEC’s engineers are knowledgeable about all phases of wastewater engineering and regulatory requirements for varied industrial settings. Services include:

• Wastewater collection, treatment and disposal design

• Industrial wastewater systems

• Drainage and storm water treatment design

We Bring Solutions to Wastewater Treatment Problems.

One particularly creative solution was EEC’s expansion plan for Paradise Lakes, a 43-acre planned unit development in Pasco County. When the project grew by some 25 acres, EEC upgraded the sole wastewater pumping station in a way that expanded a finite resource. EEC’s cost-saving design increased filtration of the treated effluent to supply a low-pressure drip irrigation system for a nearby orange grove