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Project: City of Tampa – Water Works Park

Scope of Work: Environmental Site Assessment

EEC was contracted to perform an environmental study of Water Works Park, located just north of downtown Tampa. The park was a former fleet maintenance facility, and the City plans to redevelop the Property into a part of the ongoing Riverwalk project.

EEC performed historical research to determine potential problem areas associated with the old fleet maintenance facility. Potential issues included: contamination associated with the removal of old fuel tanks; contamination associated with hydraulic lifts; contamination associated with a heating oil tank; potential contamination or soil issues associated with recycled debris used to fill in the Property near the seawall.

After discussing the results with City representatives, EEC developed a site assessment plan. This plan included performing soil borings and “sniffing” for vapor using an Organic Vapor Analyzer, and having soil and groundwater samples analyzed at a laboratory. EEC also performed test pits to investigate what extent debris was used to fill in the site. Findings from the first round of field sampling facilitated further investigation. After more discussion with the City, another round of soil and groundwater sampling was performed, including sediment sampling of a natural spring found on the site.

EEC was then contracted to work with the park’s developer to tackle environmental tasks associated with the construction of the park. These tasks include further soil and groundwater investigation, remedial activities including volume determination of soil removal, developing a removal plan and monitoring the subsequent removal, submittal of a wastewater permit application, development of a dewatering plan, in support of Brownfields certification, and various other tasks.

This project is ongoing, but has demonstrated EEC’s ability to work with municipalities and show flexibility in both mobilization and budgetary concerns. EEC is proud to be a park of this exciting project.