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Project: Citrus Processing IWWTP Upgrades

Scope of Work: Wastewater Design

A citrus processing facility retained Environmental Engineering Consultants to review existing operational data of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant in central Florida. For this IWWTP Project EEC provided the engineering performance specifications, project budget and price estimation, contractor / vendor bid packages, IWWTP Permit modification package, performance based specifications, a current site plan with modification overlay and piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID) for the upgrade of an existing IWWTP at a citrus fruit processing facility. This facility generates a maximum of 5.6 MGD of combined process and domestic wastewater effluent. The existing industrial wastewater treatment plant utilized an Aerated Lagoon and secondary clarifier to process the wastewater generated during manufacturing operations. All proposed modifications to the existing system were to improve Water Quality Treatment and reliability of the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant. The essential character of the Biological Treatment System did not change, however specific pieces of equipment were added or relocated in order to provide the improvement.

EEC reviewed the Site’s current Treatment Processes, Equipment and Conditions, as well as an original Design Drawings and Specifications. EEC provided a number of recommendations concerning how the system could be operated to maximize Treatment Efficiency. Alternatives evaluated for increasing percent removals of TSS were Conventional Clarification, Dissolved Air Flotation, and modifications to the Aeration Lagoons. The alternatives were subjected to Technical and Net value cost analysis to arrive at a recommended set of improvements for the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant. EEC worked closely with the Facility Management and prepared the Preliminary and Construction Design as well as Cost Estimate for the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant with and without Clarifier Option. Modifications to the facility entailed the modification of an existing basin to create a Surge Basin for storm overflow. An Equalization Basin design to hold one day’s Detention time, a Mixing Chamber, (18) 30 hp Aspirator Type Floating Aerators, Second Pump Station with four submersible Pumps, Rotary Screen and two dissolved air flotation (DAF) units. Electrical upgrades included an expansion of the existing Motor Control Center (MCC), removal of overhead electrical lines and installation of underground lines and disconnect switches. Piping changes and installation of new pipelines to reconfigure the process units and add water level indicators also installed 8 Flow Meters, which were also added to enhance operational information and control. Upgrade required piping changes and the installation of new pipelines to reconfigure the new process units. Additional flowmeters were added to the system for enhanced operational information and control.

Major Equipment Installed in IWWTP upgrade

• Primary Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

• Rotary Screen

• Secondary Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

• Four Wilo Submersible Wastewater Pumps

• 30 Aspirator Type Floating Aerators 30 horsepower each

• (3) Floating Aerator 40 horsepower

EEC collaborated with the environmental manager of the facility to provide upgrade scenarios including aeration, clarifier and dissolved air flotation. The entire flow pattern was reconfigured, as well as a new Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids Pumping Station was added. The construction modification was permitted through the Southwest District of the FDEP. In addition to design consultation, EEC prepared Construction Plans and Performance Specifications. EEC also solicited knowledgeable wastewater contractors to bid the project and helped the client evaluate the construction bids. The construction monitoring and oversight was provided by the client, but EEC prepared the as-built drawings and Certifications of Completion to the FDEP.