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Project: Graeme Hall

“In 2010 the principals of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in Barbados required a sophisticated and in-depth rapid assessment of the biological health of the Graeme Hall wetland. . . . The rapid assessment showed a fundamental change in the Graeme Hall ecosystem from estuarine to fresh water, which in turn has supported subsequent legal complaints by the Sanctuary to the Convention on Wetlands Secretariat in Geneva. . . . The time frame to conduct the rapid assessment was short, less than 120 days.

After interviewing the short list of six U.S. and Canadian environmental consultant firms and two universities, we chose Environmental Engineering Consultants of Tampa, Florida. The reasons? They were the only firm with tangible existing relationships with both private and university researchers, laboratories, geologists, biologists and other professionals who were intimately familiar with tropical and mangrove ecosystems, and they were the only firm that was equipped to respond in real time to an international project located over 1500 miles from their home office. We were not disappointed. The project was finished on time and within budget.”

Stuart Heaslet

Project Manager

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary