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Services for Legal Disputes

EEC is experienced in acting on behalf of property owners who are involved in legal disputes. These cases are typically associated with drainage considerations, but previous work has also been associated with sewage impacts, erosion/sedimentation impacts, contamination impacts, and even site design considerations. EEC will develop a program of study, perform necessary inspections, calculations, modeling, sampling, file review and/or research, and provide the project owner with a deliverable based on sound engineering practice. EEC is capable of bolstering the legal team through throughout the process, providing depositions and courtroom testimony as-needed.

Related Projects

Graeme hall nature sanctuary

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

In 2010 the principals of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in Barbados required a sophisticated and in-depth rapid assessment of the biological health of the Graeme Hall.

nature preserve in Graeme Hall, Barbados

Subsidence Study, Ybor Condo

EEC made a site visit to investigate the cause of erosion and subsidence due to a dispute between property owners. EEC prepared a letter report of findings…
nature preserve in Graeme Hall, Barbados

Area-wide Erosion and Sedimentation Study, Pinellas County

EEC worked with marina owner to develop a basin wide investigation to determine the cause of excessive sedimentation…
nature preserve in Graeme Hall, Barbados

Drainage and wastewater flooding investigation, Riverview

At the request of homeowner and attorney, EEC made an inspection of residence experiencing flooding and erosion impacts from unknown sources.