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Indoor Air Quality

Asbestos? Radon? Mold? Mildew? Offensive Odor?

EEC Can Solve Your Indoor Air Quality Problems.

Environmental Engineering Consultants, Inc. has the expertise and resources to perform microbiological and chemical testing as well as investigations for sick building syndrome, asbestos, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

We identify and trace contamination to its source. We provide safe and cost-effective cleanup solutions or remediation plans for mold contamination.

Manufacturers rely on EEC to obtain and renew permits from regulatory agencies, monitor emissions, fulfill reporting requirements and ensure worker health and safety.

We Bring Solutions to Indoor Air Quality Problems.

Find out how EEC can help you with these and other indoor air quality assessments in your residence, office, manufacturing plant or other workplace:

  • Identify asbestos materials before renovation.
  • Investigate water leaks or drywall moisture.
  • Inspect air conditioning systems, roofs and vapor barriers for mold and mildew.
  • Test for viable and nonviable fungus in the air.
  • Identify Chinese drywall.
  • Conduct an indoor air quality survey by inspecting a building and determining comfort parameters and testing for mold.
  • Measure outside air exchange rate and compare comfort parameters with target levels.
  • Recommend preventive maintenance to restore air quality.
  • Identify lead-based paint.
  • Perform radon testing, including mandatory assessments for schools, nursing homes and day care facilities.

Our clients include a diverse array of public and private entities:

  • Printing companies
  • Cardboard manufacturers
  • Food processors
  • Research facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Insurance companies
  • Construction companies
  • City and county governments
  • Airports
  • Utilities