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Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall Investigation
Chinese Drywall Investigation

Project: Various Homes and Buildings

Scope of Work: Chinese Drywall Investigations


​EEC has worked on Chinese Drywall Projects where we performed air clearance sampling on homes that were known to have previously contained Chinese Drywall. The new owner of the home is typically an investor or contractor who has purchased the home from a bank at a significantly discounted price and plans to remove the affected drywall, install new drywall and turn around and sell the home. However, there are two major issues that must be dealt with. First is the inspection of the ceiling for the presence of Chinese Drywall. Ceilings are typically constructed of 5/8”drywall, and most CDW is ½’’. Some think ceilings need not be inspected; however this is not the case, as we have seen ½ inch Chinese drywall in several ceilings. This is likely because often times the installers will use the first available piece of drywall available when the 5/8” board is not readily available. The second issue is the drywall dust remaining in the home after the contaminated drywall has been removed. Since this dust is just as harmful as the drywall itself, we recommend that this dust must be removed completely before the testing begins with an industrial vacuum with a HEPA rated filter. EEC has helped many investors and homeowners gain peace of mind from Chinese Drywall.