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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Containing Materials
Asbestos Containing Materials

Project: Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Survey

Scope of Work: Indoor Air Quality


​Rob Wallace was licensed in Florida as a Licensed Asbestos Consultant (LAC) in the first wave of licensing in Florida in 1989. His personal license number is EA0000024, indicating he was one of the first in Florida to achieve this distinction. Since 1989, Mr. Wallace has performed hundreds of Asbestos Surveys on myriads of buildings and structures such as: residences, commercial buildings, high rise condominiums, mobile homes, warehouses, medical offices, general professional offices, industrial buildings and equipment, convention centers, and miscellaneous structures. These projects have been undertaken on behalf of the Postal Service, Coast Guard, and other Federal Agencies, State Agencies, City and County Governments, property owners, contractors and industrial companies. The most recent asbestos surveys were for residences for demolition by the City of Tampa in Sulpher Springs, fire damaged commercial buildings for renovations, apartment complex with popcorn ceilings, warehouse demolition, interior rebuild of commercial retail space, industrial O&M periodic re-inspection, and restaurant interior renovation.