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Project: Water Works Park Site Assessment and Remediation

Water Works Park Site Assessment and Remediation

EEC performed a Brownfields Assessment and managed remediation efforts in conjunction with the construction of both Water Works and the adjacent restaurant. Over the course of 18 months, EEC performed soil, groundwater and sediment assessment to determine the extent of impacts from associated with previous uses of the property. Subsequent to initial rounds of assessment, EEC submitted a Site Assessment Report report and developed a remediation plan with the City. 18,000 tons of soil were removed, as well as lead mobility-limiting materials were utilized, and areas to be “capped” were mapped out with the help of the relevant design teams. EEC was able to complete a large portion of this project while City personnel and various subcontractors were focused on the construction of the park. This non-traditional timetable of assessment, remediation and construction required continued and effective communication and coordination with all parties involved.