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Project: Warehouse Renovation and Site Redesign

EEC provided site engineering and permitting for an existing Manufacturing Warehouse located on 3.45 acres in Tampa, FL. The Project consisted of the reconfiguration of the existing warehouse entrance to accommodate Truck/Trailer loading as well as increase the amount of automobile parking spaces on site for the splitting of the existing warehouse to accommodate multiple vendors.

To maximize parking, the existing on-site wet detention Pond was reconfigured to provide the needed additional land for parking. The reconfigured pond had been in place since the development of the Parcel back in 1982 and subsequently was not permitted through Southwest Florida Water Management District. Due to the expansion of impervious surface from the Project EEC provided permitting with Southwest Florida Water Management District for an Individual Environmental Resource Permit. The proposed stormwater system was redesigned to provide 0.5″ of runoff over the entire site’s drainage area, as well as detention of the 100 year Storm event as required by SWFWMD. The modification to the stormwater system incorporated a sidebank infiltration system to assist in meeting new State required additional treatment volumes for Stormwater Systems discharging to impaired surface waters.

A portion on the redeveloped site, namely the wet detention basin fell within the 100 year flood zone. The base flood elevation for the 100 year flood designation had not been previously determined and it fell to the Project Engineer to provide a flood study of the area to determine the Sites Base Flood Elevation.

Site design of the facility included, parking, landscape design, and pedestrian access to the existing site. Permitting of the existing facility included County approval, SWFWMD, NPDES MS4 Permit, and a Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) per NPDES Notice of Intent for construction activities over half an acre.