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Radon Testing

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Project: Large Apartment Complex – Hillsborough County

Scope of Work: Indoor Radon Testing


​An apartment complex with over 250 units retained Environmental Engineering Consultants, Inc. (EEC) to perform radon measurement at their buildings in Tampa, FL. The original Radon Testing was performed for each ground floor unit. The carbon canister test method was used for a 48 hour exposure period. Over 90 canisters were deployed. The testing revealed that some units had radon levels in excess of the 4.0 pCi/L EPA recommended level. A mitigation contractor was brought in to reduce the levels. The testing was then requested by the owner for one sample in every ground floor apartment that had been recently mitigated. Standard procedure is to test all rooms in the facility with canisters that analyze the environment for any traces of radon. A total of ninety (90) apartments were tested. Field blanks and duplicates were placed in the living space for quality control. After mitigation the radon canisters were again deployed in mitigated units. Those samples demonstrated the units were in compliance with the EPA standard.