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Lead Testing

Airbone Lead Shooting Range Testing
Airbone Lead Shooting Range Testing

Project: Shooting Ranges

Scope of Work: Testing for Airborne Lead


​Typically lead testing occurs at four locations in an indoor Shooting Range. Three of these specific locations are stationary and a personal air sample pump is placed on one employee who works and moves throughout the entire facility. The three stationary sample locations are usually the sales area at the cash register, the range officer’s office and one lane in the shooting range. The personal air sample pump is placed on the range officer or a sales employee who is assigned to go in and out of the shooting range to assist customers and or perform clean up at the end of the shift or work day. Samples are typically collected for an 8 hour period and compared to the OSHA 8 hour Permissible Exposure Level, also known as PEL (0.050 milligrams per cubic meter of air sampled or 0.050 mg/M3) and the Action Level is 0.030 mg/M3. Also, samples can be collected during specific tasks or for much shorter periods of time to measure an exposure level for a specific task or time period to isolate potential high exposure activities and to improve employee protection and reduce risk.