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Air Quality Engineering

Air pollution control
Air pollution control
Air pollution control
Air pollution control

Catching a Whiff of Concern in the Wind?

At EEC, We’re the Experts in Air Quality Engineering.

EEC offers expert guidance for companies to comply with a myriad of air quality standards. EEC’s scientists and engineers have firsthand knowledge of programs and methods to solve the problems confronting business and industry, as well as practical experience with all types of air pollution control equipment:

• Scrubbers
• Cyclones
• Incinerators
• Vapor combustors
• Fabric filters

Air pollution control and permitting are among the highly specialized engineering services EEC can provide to predict the movement of pollutants through the air. EEC is equally proficient at gathering critical data and performing complex field tests that are prerequisites to the development of a model. Through emissions testing , EEC can determine whether a facility’s control equipment is adequate to maintain air compliance.

We Bring Solutions to Air Quality Engineering Problems.

Regulated industries must negotiate multiple layers of oversight while meeting the challenges of compliance with the federal Clean Air Act and other applicable laws. EEC deals effectively on clients’ behalf with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and various local and regional agencies. EEC has the experience and know-how to offer practical solutions clients can afford so that regulators will issue an air permit.