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Project: Manatee County Industrial Property

Scope of Work: Soil and Water Testing


EEC was contracted to perform testing on a former fish farm property located south of the Manatee County – Hillsborough County Line, near Port Manatee. In 1987, the installation of a pipeline in the Property revealed evidence of buried drums.

The industrial zoned property was investigated for soil and groundwater quality. EEC discovered that soils and sediments have been shown to be impacted with barium and arsenic on the property. EEC researched the history of the Property and surrounding area to discover the source of the impacts. Investigation revealed that unauthorized dumping and burial of solid waste during the 1970’s resulted in elevated barium impacts. Elevated concentrations of arsenic were found in a separate portion of the property, indicating a separate source area. EEC’s investigation has indicated that the elevated arsenic levels may in part be naturally occurring due to geo-chemical changes caused by continued and increasing salt-water intrusion.

In order to alleviate contaminant impacts, EEC created a plan to remove 12,025 tons of soils and sediment from the site, and have the excavated material disposed of properly. The limits of excavations were defined by the results of confirmation soil samples, prior to and during excavation activities. This plan was approved regulatory by authorities and executed in 2011. EEC continues to monitor the effectiveness of the source removal upon groundwater quality on the industrial property with quarterly groundwater monitoring.