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Project: Industrial Site Assessment and Remediation

Industrial Site Assessment and Remediation

EEC has been working on the environmental impacts and concerns of the manufacturing property dating back to the late 1980’s. Soil contamination with concentrations of halogenated compounds above CTLs has been discovered onsite; however groundwater impacts are restricted to the surficial aquifer. Sources of groundwater contamination are due to leaks and spills of solvents from previous industrial use of the property. The primary contaminants of concern are daughter products of 1,1,1 trichloroethane which are: vinyl chloride, 1,1 dichloroethene (DCE), 1,1 dichloroethane (DCA) and the additive 1,4 dioxane. A network of seven groundwater recovery wells was installed to capture this water for treatment on-site. Remediation consists of a pump and treat system utilizing an air stripper to remove VOCs, followed by oxidation using ozone and hydrogen peroxide in a pressurized reaction tank, to treat the recalcitrant compound 1,4-dioxane. Treatment is followed by discharge into County sanitary sewer system.