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Project: Curlew Creek Sedimentation and Engineering

Curlew Creek Sedimentation and Engineering

As part of a legal action, EEC was retained by a marina owner to prepare a report on the sedimentation occurring at the mouth of Curlew Creek, as the buildup was negatively impacting his operations. EEC performed an extensive review of publicly available analysis to formulate foundational knowledge of the mechanisms of erosion and sedimentation as they pertained to the Curlew Creek watershed. Following the review, EEC utilized historical imagery, public rainfall and flow data, and permitting information to perform calculations and develop an opinion as to the cause and severity of the sedimentation at the mouth of the creek. EEC also performed sampling analysis, bottom measurements, and observations of the creek and watershed to further bolster the opinion. EEC presented the Engineering Analysis to the client, which was submitted to the legal file. EEC followed up the report with appearances at depositions as client’s expert witness.